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Safe T Home® is Our Mission of the Quarter

posted on February 11

Our mission focus through March is to collect enough donations to send a Safe T Home®, or the grain bin home, to a needy family in Haiti.
These grain bin homes are designed by Sukup Manufacturing Co. in Sheffield, Iowa. In partnership with GoServ Global, these customized Sukup bins are saving and transforming lives for people around the world.

The Safe T Home® is resistant to hurricane force winds, earthquakes, termites, fire and moisture. After Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti with 145 mph winds in 2016 and left widespread damage in the impoverished nation, 100% of the 200 Safe T Homes® were left standing strong with minimal damage, while only 10% of traditional homes remained. Additional features:
• Made of 20-guage galvanized steel for 75-year life expectancy
• Assembles on-site with simple hand tools
• Comes with a solar panel and has water collection potential
• Houses up to 10 people in bunk beds in a standard 18’ unit that contains a loft
• Can shelter up to 60 people during a natural disaster.

We know how sturdy grain bins need to be. Isn’t this a clever, sensible idea?!?

The cost of materials for one home is $5700, shipping is $1500, and $300 for a cement foundation, totaling $7500 for one home. This is our goal in three months, to provide one Safe T Home® for a family in Haiti.

Donations can be made out to Open Doors UMC with “Safe T Home” written in the memo line. Or give online at

Safe T Home® is a registered trademark of Sukup Manufacturing Co. 

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