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Announcing - Open Doors to Covenant with Red Bird Mission

posted on March 29

Open Doors UMC has spent four weeks in February and March learning about three different UMC missionaries and one mission. This culminated in a congregational vote to decide which one Open Doors would form a Covenant Relationship with, pledging our financial and prayer support for the near and far future. Being considered was Lorraine Charinda of Democratic Republic of Congo, Sara Flores of Ecuador, Rev. D. Yang of Laos, and Red Bird Mission in Kentucky. The vote was taken March 27, 2022. Red Bird Mission was the top vote getter, receiving 58% of the votes.

The 2022 Lenten offering is designated to go to Red Bird Mission. Each year, Open Doors will pledge an amount equal to $5 per member to go to Red Bird.

Red Bird Mission is a non-profit organization affiliated with the United Methodist Church in the poverty-stricken area of the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Kentucky. Poverty, isolation, and lack of economic opportunity are the overarching circumstances of the community that create a variety of needs that are basic to human life and existence. Red Bird Mission addresses every one of the needs as funding and resources are available. They address hunger and other basic needs of families through case management and delivery of services by Community Outreach ministries. The Community Store and Craft Marketing provide jobs and income for over 100 families and over 90 people are employed through Red Bird Mission and Red Bird Clinic. Housing improvements for hundreds of families benefits those whose homes are beyond repair and income is so low that they cannot afford even subsidized low income mortgages. They also operate the Red Bird Christian School, a dental clinic, a Community Health Service, and the Work Camp for volunteers in mission and service-minded groups. Work Camp is the energy and muscle behind home repair for low-income community residents and maintenance for Mission buildings and grounds.

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