Open Doors United Methodist Church

9:00 a.m. in Wells.
Live streaming at 9:00 a.m. on Facebook, YouTube & website.

Kiester Campus
116 North 3rd St , Kiester , MN 56051
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Wells Campus
595 First Ave. SW , Wells , MN 56097
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The United Methodist Church



Open Doors United Methodist Church offers dynamic preaching and exciting worship every Sunday morning. During July & August we have one service at the Wells Campus at 9:30 a.m. In the fall, there will also be services at the Kiester Campus. Our pastor is Rev. Christopher Leistra.  

Worship in a relaxed and family friendly environment.  We offer a style mix of traditional and contemporary worship enhanced with the benefit of projection.


Open Doors United Methodist Church began over 150 years ago, the result of collective histories of several churches and people of faith.  The mix of who we are today blends together a rich heritage from former Evangelical Brethren, Evangelical United Brethren, and Methodist Episcopal, laying the foundation of who we are today as United Methodists - people striving to Love God and Serve People!


Open Doors United Methodist Church

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