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The United Methodist Church

Open Doors asks members to pledge for 2021 giving

posted on November 15

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to thank you for all you do and give to the mission that is
Open Doors UMC. Enclosed are your quarterly statement and a pledge card. The
statement is for your tax purposes. Information of a financial nature is kept
confidential and we always will protect your privacy to the best of our ability.

The pledge card can be found in the accompanying link and is for you to
discern if you would like to set a pledge amount.
We’re asking all pledges to be returned to the Wells church by
Sunday, November 22, at which time they will be dedicated during the morning
online service. This isn’t intended to be seen as being a bill, but instead for you
to think about where you are in your journey of discipleship when it comes to
giving. It helps us out a lot because it allows us to have a rough estimate of how
much we might have to plan for the 2021 budget, and the more people who
pledge the better idea we have. You don’t have to feel stuck with the amount you
decide but are free to give more or less depending on your situation over the year.
Speaking of situations, as you all know this year as been interesting,

which is the most positive word I can think to use for it. This has caused us to
not see each other as much as we had in the past, and so it is easy to feel
disconnected. This difficult time will end, and we need your help to make sure
we will be able to be here and healthy when the time comes to return to public
worship and ultimately when we put this behind us. When the pandemic started,
we were so humbled by your gifts and how much that helped but we are now
going into another round of Covid-19 and we are asking you to again help us
through it. Please think of us in your budgets and keep your church in your
prayers as we will keep you in ours.

In the name of the mostly holy,

Pastor Chris Leistra

To return your Pledge Card: Print out the accompanying pledge card and return by mail,
use the drop-off slot in the northwest “595” door of the Wells campus, or bring it to the
Drive-Thru event on Nov. 22 between 9 & 11 am.
You may also scan or take a photo of your pledge card and email it to or via Facebook Messenger. Also, pick-up service is
available for those south of Wells or in the city of Wells (Karen Stenzel, 507-383-8762),
Kiester area (Don Nickel, 507-294-3740), or south of Wells (Sarah Hankerson, 507-317-
4322). Contact one of those individuals to make arrangements to have your pledge card
delivered to church before the November 22 dedication.

Open Doors United Methodist Church

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